Friday, September 04, 2015

Sunday Sessions - $5 pints and free 8-ball tables in the Front Bar

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Bistro Menu


All Mains Include Salad Bar (gf)

*Prices are subject to change & conditions apply*

(gf) - Gluten Free (V) - Vegetarian


See Specials Board (gf)$7.00$13.50

Coffin Bay Oysters

Oysters Naturelle - 1⁄2 Doz (gf)$13.50
Oysters Naturelle - Doz (gf)$18.00
Oysters Kilpatrick - 1⁄2 Doz (gf)$13.50
Oysters Kilpatrick - Doz (gf)$21.00
1⁄2 & 1⁄2 Oysters - Doz Only (gf)$21.00


Australian Prawn Cocktail (gf)$9.50$20.00
Sweet & Sour Spring Rolls$9.50$16.50
Curry Of The Day (gf)$10.50$18.50
Avocado Prawns (gf)$12.50$22.00
Smoked Salmon$12.50$22.00
Vegetable Plate (gf V)$10.00
Salad Bar (gf V)$10.00
Garlic or Herb Bread (V)$3.90

Daily Specials

See Specials Board $16.50

Chef's Selection

See Specials Board$20.00


Fettuccini - Napolitano (V) Or Bolognaise$19.50
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni (V)$19.50
Fettuccini Marinara$20.00


Fillet Steak 300g (gf)$28.00
Scotch Fillet 300g MSA (gf)$29.50
Fillet Mignon 300g (gf)$29.50
Rump Steak 400g MSA (gf)$24.00
Porterhouse Steak 300g MSA (gf)$24.00
Texas T-Bone Steak 400g (gf)$26.00
Grilled Kangaroo Fillets With Red Wine Sauce (gf)$23.00


Whiting & Prawns - Grilled (gf), Crumbed Or Fried$31.00
King George Whiting - Grilled (gf), Crumbed Or Fried$35.00
Garfish - Grilled (gf), Crumbed or Fried$24.00
Grilled N.T Barramundi (gf)$24.00
Australian Prawns - Grilled (gf), Crumbed Or Fried$24.50
Australian Prawns - Garlic (gf), Curried (gf) Or Sweet & Sour$26.00
Atlantic Salmon On Mash With Aioli$26.00
Fisherman’s Basket$23.50
Crumbed Scallops$23.50
Crumbed Australian Calamari$20.00

Poultry & Schnitzels

Chicken Breast Schnitzel$19.50
Wagyu Beef Schnitzel$17.50
Chicken Cordon Bleu$21.00
Grilled SA Chicken Breast With Chilli Mango Salsa (gf)$22.50
Warm Grilled Chicken Salad$20.00


Mushroom, Dianne or Pepper (gf)$1.50
Gravy (gf)$0.50
Parmagiana, USA, Godfather, Hawaiian, Princess, Galaxiian or Swiss$3.00